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Information on facilities and space rental at the Český Krumlov Castle complex

At the present time, usage of individual areas of the Český Krumlov State Castle and Chateau for cultural and social events is characterized by one of the following categories :

  1. the producer and organizer of the event is the Administration of the Český Krumlov Castle
  2. the producer of the event is another subject (i.e. agency, travel agency, other organization)
  3. the most typical format is rental to a client by the Castle Administration (events lasting up to 2 days) or by the State Institute for Historical Monument Care in České Budějovice (events lasting more than 2 days).


The following areas are available for cultural and social events at the Český Krumlov Castle :

IInd Castle CourtyardExterior spaces :

  • Castle courtyards (I. - V. castle courtyards)
  • Castle Gardens (Summer Riding School, Orchard, Upper Garden)




Mint, IVth Castle CourtyardInterior spaces :

1. Gallery areas

  • Mint



Mint, IInd Castle Courtyard2. Conference areas

  • Mint
  • Hall of Mirrors
  • Castle Riding School
  • Other areas

Masquerade Hall, IVth Castle Courtyard3. Concert-halls
  • Masquerade Hall
  • Hall of Mirrors
  • Castle Chapel of St. George
  • Renaissance Hall
  • Castle Lapidarium

Hall of Mirrors, IVth Castle Courtyard, Baroque reception4. Dining areas
  • Masquerade Hall
  • Hall of Mirrors
  • Mint
  • Dairy
  • Castle Lapidarium
  • Other areas


Those interested in renting castle space for social and cultural events must send a written request to the Castle Administration which characterizes the event and conveys the necessary information (date, length of event, no. of participants, and other details). After negotiations of both parties, during which realistic possibilities and mutual requests are clarified, a rental agreement is signed between the client and Administration of Český Krumlov Castle. In cases of longer events (over 2 days), a contract is signed with the National Institute of Historical Monument Care, Regional Specialist Office in České Budějovice. The Castle Administration places emphasis on personal negotiations and an individual approach to each client.

Socio/cultural activities are held at the Český Krumlov State Castle and Chateau estates. It is alive with culture and history. Its fine interiors and exteriors are of a very high history value and therefore The Castle and Chateau Administration put special emphasis on the convenience of all events and protection of the monuments. Today it offers a wonderfully atmospheric backdrop to all programmes right inside tha castle. Besides social events, concerts, displays and seminaries it is possible to provide catering services and sightseeing tours along with a concert.

Fees for space rental are established by agreement; the total fee includes: minimum price of the area's rental, price of agreed services, and price of energy consumed. The fees reflect the event's character as one-time or repeated, standard or exceptional, and whether the event is of a presentational, cultural, or commercial nature.


Recommended dates:

May 1st - September 30th


Basic price list for rental of space on the premises of the Český Krumlov State Castle and Chateau for cultural, social, gastronomic and concert events - YEAR 2014

The said price-list is only approximate. The real and final amount of money for hire depends on the kind of events (cultural, social, ceremonial, etc.), the extent of events (long-term - longer than 4 hours, short-term - shorter than 4 hours) and is a matter of agreement according to real possibilities and mutual requirements. The following price list includes only rental fees. It does NOT include additional charges for: special services, rental and delivery of equipment /tables, chairs, floral decor, candles/, scheduling of event during the castle´s regular hours operation and loss of potential income gained from admission fees, technical services rendered beyond and above the written contract, services rendered by the castle´s management beyond and above the written contract, overhead cost (electricity etc.), supervision services etc.

Other changes in the charge are dependent on the course of events as it is qualified in appendix No.1, which is a part of each contract.

An extra charge for so-called technical day or technical hour - time needed to prepare the event or put everything in order after the event / e.g. pitching a tent, ball room or hall preparations, etc./ will be added to the rent charge. One technical hour of usual premises such as Lapidary, Orchard, Castle Courtyard, Mint, Masked and Mirror Hall, etc. is CZK 300,- but maximum CZK 3,500,- / technical day. One technical hour or day in the premises of Chateau Garden will be charged individually.




gastronomy, buffets ...

Concerts and other
cultural uses

Masquerade Hall 25.000 CZK 12.500 CZK
Mirror Hall 20.000 CZK 10.000 CZK
St. George´s Chapel          0 CZK   9.000 CZK
Renaissance Hall          0 CZK   8.000 CZK
Lapidarium 10.000 CZK   7.000 CZK
Mint - upper Hall 11.000 CZK   9.500 CZK
Mint - ground-level Hall   9.000 CZK   7.500 CZK
Mint - other space / areas Individually






Castle Gardens at the Fountain 25.000 CZK 23.000 CZK
Summer Riding School 13.000 CZK   9.000 CZK
Pleasance Gardens   8.000 CZK   5.200 CZK
Space in front of the Winter Riding School   6.000 CZK   5.000 CZK
4th or 3rd courtyard (closed to the public) 15.000 CZK 11.000 CZK
4th or 3rd courtyard (open to the public)   4.000 CZK   2.000 CZK
2nd courtyard          0 CZK 22.000 CZK
Southerly Terraces 11.000 CZK   9.000 CZK
Terrace overlooking the 5th courtyard   6.000 CZK   5.000 CZK
Cloak Bridge   9.000 CZK          0 CZK

The said prices do not include VAT 21%.



Complete consultation and contacts :

PhDr. Pavel Slavko

Český Krumlov Castle Administration
Zámek 59
381 01 Český Krumlov
Telephone: +420 380 704 712


Milan Antoš

Český Krumlov Castle Administration
Zámek 59
381 01 Český Krumlov
Telephone: +420 380 704 711
Tereza Hofbauerová
Zámek 59
381 01 Český Krumlov
Telephone: +420 380 704 711


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