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Nearby historical monuments administered by the National Institute of Historical Monument Care, Regional Specialist Office in České Budějovice


Monastery of Zlatá Koruna                                                                               National Cultural Monument             

Monastery of Zlatá Koruna  Monastery of Zlatá Koruna, originally called "Santa Corona", was estabilished by a founding charter of the Bohemian king Přemysl Otakar II  in 1263 and represents one of the most completely preserved gothic monastery complexes in Bohemia. It is the dominating feature of the village of Zlatá Koruna, located about 7 km to the north of Český Krumlov...


Castle and Chateau Rožmberk                                                                         National Cultural Monument

Castle and Chateau Rožmberk Castle Rožmberk, one of the oldest castles in South Bohemia, was probably built by Vítek the Younger of the Witigon family, carried out around the mid 13th century at the latest, is the dominating feature of the village of Rožmberk and it is located about 23 km of Český Krumlov.


Chateau of Hluboká                                                                                           National Cultural Monument

Chateau of Hluboká Chateau Complex of Hluboká, chateau together with the landscape park, due to its size and art-historical significant among the most important Romanticist chateau complexes in central Europe. It is located about 34 km of Český Krumlov.

Kratochvíle Hunting Castle                                                                               National Cultural Monument

Kratochvíle Hunting CastleIt is the unique Renaissance manneristic building, composed of casino-style Itallian villas, surrounded by a water moat and closed in by a rectangular garden with an entrance tract and surrounding walls articulated by isolated houses. Kratochvíle Hunting Castle, situated in the picturesque scenery among the forests, grasslands and ponds, is located about 38 km of Český Krumlov.


Schwarzenberg Tomb Domanín                                                                       National Cultural Monument

Schwarzenberg Tomb Domanín  The sexangled circular Neogothic two-storied building with an advance tower and majestic double staircase is surrounded with the landscape park. In the lower part of the building, in the tomb itself, 27 members of the family are laid or remembered. It is located about 42 km of Český Krumlov.




Nové Hrady Castle                                                                                             National Cultural Monument

Nové Hrady Castle      The first record about the Castle Nové Hrady comes from 1279. The castle often changed noble hands from the late 13th century till the early 20th century... The last noble owners, the Lords of Buquoy, initiated numerous reconstructions and renovations of the castle and its interiors, construction of the new castle in the suburb of Nové Hrady and founding nature-landscape park in Theresa ´s Valley.


Chateau of Třeboň                                                                                             National Cultural Monument

Chateau of TřeboňThe Renaissance chateau, situated around the square courtyard and surrounded with the landscape park, due to its size among the most largest chateau areas in South Bohemia. The smaller part of the castle area is used by the archive. The chateau is located about 48 km of Český Krumlov.


Jindřichův Hradec Castle and Chateau                                                           National Cultural Monument

Jindřichův Hradec Castle and Chateau  Jindřichův Hradec Castle and Chateau, originally feudal castle builted around 1200, represents one of the most monumental as well as one of the most beautiful castle areas in Bohemia. The castle was ambitiously reconstructed into a comfortable Renaissance seat in the late 16th century during the reigns of the last of the Lords of Hradec. The best known parts of the castle area, such as the Jáchym´s and Adam´s buildings, the Large Arcades of Adam´s buildings, the Small Arcades and the unique Rondel musical pavillion, were builted by the italian builders at the same time.. (in the late 16th century). It is located about 75 km of Český Krumlov.


Water Castle Červená Lhota                                                                             National Cultural Monument

Water Castle Červená LhotaOne of the most frequented castles in South Bohemia, situated on the rock protrusion surounded with the lake, was reconstructed in Romantic Neogothic style in the 19th century (1841 - 1863), todays Renaissance appearance comes from the early 20th century (1901 - 1910). The castle often changed hands... In 1835 it was finally purchased by Eduard Schönburg-Hartenstein and stayed in this family until 1945. This fairy-tale castle is located about 77 km of Český Krumlov.


Zvíkov Castle                                                                                                      National Cultural Monument

Zvíkov Castle    Originally royal castle of Zvíkov, situated on the rock cliffs and protected by the modern Orlík dam, represents one of the best jewels of early Gothic Bohemian architecture. It is located about 89 km of Český Krumlov.


Landštejn Castle                                                                                                          National Cultural Monument

Landštejn CastleToday, Landštejn Castle is one of the best preserved examples of medieval fortification system. The oldest Romanesque part of the castle with the palace built between two fortification towers is unique to the Czech lands. The disposition, with the irregular five-sided layout, was originally surrounded by a wide moat. The later construction of Gothic fortifications with a residential tower expanded the castle by another courtyard. The lofty four-storied palace of the Krajíř clan with its Renaissance fortification and Baroque artillery bastions close out the four developmental styles of construction. It is located about 90 km of Český Krumlov.


Chateau of Dačice                                                                                              National Cultural Monument

Chateau of Dačice  The last modifications, giving the chateau its present Classicist appearance, were initiated by the Dalbergs. In 1832 - 1833 the interiors were reconstructed under the supervision of the Viennese architect Karel Schleps, adding the monumentally Empirical starcaise hall in the eastern wing, connecting both chateau floors, and who also reconstructed and modernized various interiors of the first floor of the main wing. The last owner of the Chateau of Dačice was from the Salm family (related to the Dalbergs) who held it until 1945. The chateau is located about 108 km of Český Krumlov.