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The State Castle and Chateau Český Krumlov

Castle Tower

Castle Tower - air viewThis rounded six-storied tower, surrounded by the residential palace of the Little Castle, is situated on a narrow rocky promontory towering above Latrán and the Vltava River between the Ist and IInd Courtyard of Český Krumlov Castle.

The origins of this structure are partly Gothic and partly Renaissance, as is evident from the tower's external appearance. The tower as well as the Little Castle is a segment of a structure dating from the first half of the 13th century.

Castle Tower The oldest part of it is the groundfloor and first floor. The origin of the second floor is around the 14th century, while the third floor is part of the Renaissance belfry. We can not eliminate the Gothic origin, however, due to the bell dated 1406. Under the architect Baldassare Maggi of Arogno, the castle was remodelled and converted from a plain Gothic palace into a Renaissance residence, and the tower was provided with an arcaded gallery at the top in 1581. In 1590 the tower was decorated with mural paintings and figural and architectural motifs by Bartoloměj Beránek - Jelínek. In 1947 an ambitious reconstruction of the tower was realized. In 1994 - 96 the paintings and murals underwent reconstruction as well.


Castle TowerThe Tower is the symbol of the town of Český Krumlov, of its history and beauty. It is "The towerest of all towers" as once characterised by Karel Čapek.

The tower is publically accessible and offers a beautiful view over Krumlov and surroundings.


Castle Tower - thumb-nail paintingTechnical parameters


 54,5 m

Height to arcade

 24,6 m

Height from arcade to the top

 29,9 m

Height above Vltava river

 86 m

Number of steps


Number of steps in the tower
(from bottom of the tower jail)


Number of Tuscan columns


Maximal diameter of the tower

 12 m

Maximal thick of the wall

 3,7 m

Depth of the tower jail

 4,28 m

External length of the Arcade

 32,91 m

Internal length of the Arcade

 24,31 m


 220 V


 50 Hz



Number of Bells - 4






1st bell

  1800 kg


    1,47 m

2nd bell

  1400 kg


    1,36 m

3rd bell

    410 kg


    0,84 m

4th bell

      75 kg


    0,52 m