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Chamber Music Festival 2019

33rd Anniversary

Chamber Music Festival Český Krumlov

With summer arrives the music festival with the longest tradition in this town. Due to being attended by reputable domestic and international musicians this once modest local festival has gradually grown into a popular cultural event of worldwide fame. The Festival schedule culminates in a genuine 18th century feast called Baroque Night in Český Krumlov Castle.



Baroque Night in Český Krumlov CastleBAROQUE NIGHT IN ČESKÝ KRUMLOV CASTLE

Date and time:

28. 06. 2019 (Fr), 19:30

29. 06. 2019 (Sa), 19:30

Where: 2nd - 4th Castle Courtyards, Hall of Mirrors, Masquerade Hall, Baroque Theatre, Cloak Bridge, Castle Garden


Performed by CAPELLA REGIA, artistic director ROBERT HUGO

Other Performers:

Jiří Stivín, CK Brass Quintet, Alla Danza, Ludus Musicus, Histriones Pragensis, Krumlov Pipers, Wagabundus kolektive and pupils of the Primary Art School in Český Krumlov as a pantomime in Baroque masks and children´s Schwarzenberg Guard

Entry: 2600 CZK

Ticket sale: Infocentre Český Krumlov (main square) or reservation:


Schwarzenberg Guard JazzbandSchwarzenberg Guard Jazzband

Date and time: 30. 06. 2019 (Su), 17:00

Where: 2nd Castle Courtyard, Český Krumlov Castle

Entry: free



Charlie Slavík & The Rhythm GirlsJazz above the Vltava river

Date and time: 02. 07. 2019 (Tu), 18:00

Where: Hotel Růže Terrace, Český Krumlov

Charlie Slavík Revue & The Rhythm Girls

Price: 205 CZK


Harmonia Mozartiana PragensisCompositions for wind harmony from the Schwarzenberg collection

Date and time: 03. 07. 2019 (We), 17:00

Where: Summer-house Bellarie in the Castle Garden

Harmonia Mozartiana Pragensis

Program: Mozart, Salieri, Vent

Price: 300 CZK


Miroslav VilímecNocturne in tribute to the cello virtuoso and composer Antonín Kraft

Date and time: 07. 07. 2019 (We), 21:30

Where: Column Hall on the 1st Castle Courtyard (Study Centre)

Miroslav Vilímec - violin, Jiří Hošek - violoncello, Dominika Hošková - violoncello

Price: 250 CZK



Collegium 419Madrigals new and old - A concert marking the 60th anniversary of Bohuslav Martinů´s death

Date and time: 04. 07. 2019 (Th), 19:30

Where: Mirror Hall, Castle Courtyard

Collegium 419, chorus master Lukáš Vendl

Program: Martinů, Burkhard, Gesualdo, Monteverdi, Frescobaldi

Price: 300 CZK


Amadeus TrioA concert in honour of Josef Suk

Date and time: 05. 07. 2019 (Fr), 19:30

Where: Masquerade Hall, IVth Castle Courtyard

Amadeus Trio

Roman Patočka - violin, Martin Stupka - viol, Lukáš Polák - violoncello

Programme: Haas, Schubert, Beethoven

Price: 300 CZK


Ensemble InégalClosing Gala Concert - thanks for 30 years of freedom

Date and time: 06. 07. 2019 (Sa), 19:30

Where: Corpus Christi monastery church, Český Krumlov

Ensemble Inégal

Program: Michna, Zelenka

Price: 400 CZK


Duo akordeON & saxofONADuo akordeON & saxofONA

Date and time: 07. 07. 2019 (Su), 17:00

Where: Paradise Garden in the Monasteries, Český Krumlov

Štěpánka Šediváková - saxophone, Filip Kratochvíl - accordion

Program: Astor Piazzolla, Štědroň, Picchio, Iturralde

Price: 250 CZK



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